Elite Heritage for Historic Buildings

£178.50 per 15 litre tub (£11.90 per litre)
(£214.20 including VAT)

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Until now, the redecoration of historic buildings has not been straightforward. Old lime-wash and distemper coated surfaces have been covered with water-based paints and emulsions because they are cheap, easy to apply and readily available.

The use of these coatings is a mistake. It is a waste of time and money.

Why is this a problem?

The solid walls of old and historic buildings contain a considerable amount of moisture. When standard emulsions and masonary coatings are applied, the moisture becomes trapped. Eventually, it forces its way out and causes paint and plaster to flake and come away from the wall.

Not only does this present a serious cosmetic problem, it also is costly to resolve.

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