Elite Aqua-Matt Water-based Stain Blocker

£120.00 per 15 litre tub (£8.00 per litre)
(£144.00 including VAT)

Call 01429 291301 to order

Elite Aqua-Matt is a solvent free, water-based. water dilutable stain blocking matt paint for interior walls and ceilings with a binder system based on vegetable oils.

Aqua Matt can be applied directly on a number of substrates such as concrete, plaster, mortar, wood, etc.

The paint is perfectly suitable for different types of stain blocking applications, including but not limited to nicotine, soot and tannin. Note: Elite Aqua-Matt is not suitable for covering water stains

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Elite Airtight

£97.50 per 15 litre tub (£6.50 per litre)
(£117 including VAT)

Call 01429 291301 to order

Airtight block walls…

Impossible? Difficult? No – Very easy!

AIR FLOW TOO LOW TO DETECT Where the air permeability is less than 0.36m3 /h/m2, no exact value can be obtained due to the resolution of the instrument. This represents very low levels of air leakage and an Air Permeability no greater than 0.36m3 /h/m2.

Elite Airtight easily meets Passivhaus specificiation.

Lab air-tightness test report, data-sheets, etc., available on request

Concrete block walls can leak air into and out of a building at up to 80 cubic metres an hour per square metre of surface. Concrete block walls treated with Elite Airtight are completely airtight.

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