Elite Ultra-Ceil Blackout

£97.50 per 15 litre tub (£6.50 per litre)
(£117 including VAT)

A waterbased, all-surface, acrylic coating for application on ceilings and walls, particularly large commercial and industrial applications. Elite Blackoutl is a very practical coating which is intended to be spray applied.

Elite Ultra-Ceil Blackout is specially formulated for spray application to interiors in commercial and institutional premises, especially interior cladding, where the client requires a total black-out. The over-spray turns to dust before hitting the floor, reducing the time spent on clean-up and masking.

Here is the amazing part

Elite Ultra-Ceil Blackout can be applied directly onto most substrates including bare galvanised steel, interior cladding, structural steel (spot priming of rust is required prior to application). HVAC trunking, PVC, powder coated substrates and pipe work.

Self-priming, will not flake or peel, durable, high productivity, applied by airless spray.