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Elite Sealcote

£25.00 per 5 litre tub (£5.00 per litre)
(£30.00 including VAT)


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Only £18 per 5 litre tub (makes 15 litres)

Delivery: £10.00 for one or two tubs

When diluted 2:1 with water this is £1.20 per litre

That's less than half the price of our nearest competitor

Further savings possible on bulk purchases.

Dries to a transparent, matt finish.

Stop watching your precious paint soaking into the substrate

A modern, multi-purpose, clear, water-based coating - Dilute 2:1 and solve a number of problems

Dilute one part Sealcote with two parts water. A 5 litre container thus becomes 15 litres and has a coverage of between 10m2 and 20m2 per litre. That's an average, per metre2 cost of only 8p.

With the consistency of milk, it dries as a practically invisible clear matt coating.

Transport and storage

The product should be stored in sealed packaging in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect against frost.

Technical data

Viscosity 50 ± 10 mPa*s Brookfield 20rmp disc 1
Density 1,02 +- 0,02 kg/dm3 1,01
pH 8,0 - 9,0
Drying time ~2 hrs
Shelf-life 12 months



Available on request

How to buy

Call 01429 291301 now


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Cost Calculator

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All prices exclude delivery and VAT.
Delivery to mainland England - Pallet or mixed pallet delivery: Approx £65.00
Individual container delivery: £12.00 per item up to six items, then pallet rates apply. A pallet can hold 33 tubs.
(Sealcote delivery: £12.00 per two 5-litre tubs)
Mainland prices quoted. Delivery to Ireland, Scotland & elsewhere, ask for price when ordering.
Coverage rates are average and depend on type and condition of substrate and skill of applicator.