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Elite SmoKote Smoke and Flood Water Primer & Finish

£148.50 per 15 litre tub (£9.90 per litre)
(£178.20 including VAT)


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Elite SmoKote is a unique, all-surface, stain-blocking coating with built-in deoderiser, specifically designed to permanently block fire, smoke and flood damage.

Primes and finishes in one coat.

Smoke damage is often the largest issue that requires professional restoration. Smoke and soot damage will be ingrained into the existing substrates, if the correct coatings are not used, this smoke damage will discolour all future paint jobs, and odours will leach through for years to come.

Elite SmoKote is a specialist coating designed specifically for restoring substrates damaged by fire, smoke and flood water. Recovering from a disaster need not be a nightmare SmoKote will enable you to completely restore a stain damaged substrate in a fraction of the time or traditional coating methods.

SmoKote can be used on almost all substrates, it can be used as a primer to provide a blank canvass or alternatively it can be tinted to your chosen colour to provide a finished substrate. Minimal preparation, no priming and ease of application means less cost. Property owners and insurance companies will save a fortune in reduced downtime and lower insurance claims.


  • Excellent stain covering
  • Ideal for Interior & Exterior Applications
  • Rapid application
  • Excellent productivity
  • Deodoriser
  • Self priming finish coat
  • Durability
  • Washable
  • Will not flake or peel
  • Excellent light reflectance

Many companies mistakenly believe that just applying a few coats of standard paint over the smoke damage will be an end to the problem, only to be surprised to find the soot and odours bleeding through after a few months. There will be complaints from customers and staff; this could lead to loss of business and employee absenteeism. This will affect your company’s future turnover.

Fire Damaged Property?

We can arrange for your premises to be restored, using the SmoKote System, rapidly, effectively and at a surprisingly low cost.

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We can spray Elite SmoKote Smoke and Flood Water Primer & Finish for you for at a competitive price



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All prices exclude delivery and VAT.
Delivery to mainland England - Pallet or mixed pallet delivery: Approx £65.00
Individual container delivery: £12.00 per item up to six items, then pallet rates apply. A pallet can hold 33 tubs.
(Sealcote delivery: £12.00 per two 5-litre tubs)
Mainland prices quoted. Delivery to Ireland, Scotland & elsewhere, ask for price when ordering.
Coverage rates are average and depend on type and condition of substrate and skill of applicator.