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Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall

Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall

£86.25 per 15 litre tub (£5.75 per litre)
(£103.50 including VAT)

Was £99.00 per 15 litre tub (£6.60 per litre) Save £12.75 per 15 litre tub

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Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk

A waterbased, all-surface, acrylic coating for application on ceilings and walls, particularly large commercial and industrial applications. Elite Dry Fall is a very practical coating which is intended to be spray applied.

Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall is specially formulated for spray application to interiors in commercial and institutional premises, especially interior cladding. The over-spray turns to dust before hitting the floor, reducing the time spent on clean-up and masking.

Here is the amazing part

Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall can be applied directly onto most substrates including bare galvanised steel, interior cladding, structural steel (spot priming of rust is required prior to application). HVAC trunking, PVC, powder coated substrates and pipe work.

Thinking of using several different types of paint for that job?

Forget it. Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall will almost always do everything you need.


Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk


Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk


Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk

Ideal for interior applications

  • Waterbased
  • Non-yellowing
  • Washable sheen finish
  • Excellent productivity
  • Self priming
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fully permeable
  • Minimum masking
  • High light reflectance
Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk


Where to use

Interior cladding, galvanised steel, Metal-Pan ceiling tiles, drywall, plaster, metal & concrete, walls and primed structural steel.


Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk


Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall - www.spray-shop.co.uk


Do not dilute, product is ready for application by airless spray. Apply Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall onto substrate. Use airless spray with tip size .013 to .015 with 12 inch fan. Apply Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall overlapping each pass of sprayer by 50% to ensure uniform coverage.

On completion of spraying leave overspray at least 20 minutes to settle before de-masking. Clean machine and equipment with warm water, ensure the area is clean and ready for re-occupation.

Technical Data

Colour White as standard but can be supplied in any RAL or BS colour
Solids 39%
Spread rate 6-10m2 per litre depending on substrate.
Dry to touch 45 minutes
Recoat after 4 hours
Clean-up Warm Soapy Water
Flash Point 100°C
WFT between 150 & 200 microns
Containers 15 litres
Weight 16kg


Available on request

How to buy

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Delivery to mainland England - Pallet or mixed pallet delivery: Approx £65.00
Individual container delivery: £12.00 per item up to six items, then pallet rates apply. A pallet can hold 33 tubs.
(Sealcote delivery: £12.00 per two 5-litre tubs)
Mainland prices quoted. Delivery to Ireland, Scotland & elsewhere, ask for price when ordering.
Coverage rates are average and depend on type and condition of substrate and skill of applicator.