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You can make huge savings by using our coatings.

From now on, you can cost your jobs based on the premise that, far more often than not, the work can be done in one coat. That's one visit, rather than the average three. You will therefore spend around a third of the time on site and that means your labour costs will be reduced by about two thirds.

This means that you can take on more jobs, using the same number of staff.

Choose your coating, tell us the surface area you wish to cover and we'll give you an approximate costing.

Approximate cost calculator 
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Elite Airtight

100% Airtight coating for block walls



Elite Heritage

Specialist coating for heritage properties


Elite Sealcote

Transparent primer and sealer


Elite Stainblocker

Oil-based permeable stain blocker



Elite Smokote

Specialist coating for fire/smoke damage


Elite Dryfall

Coating for metal surfaces


Elite Aqua Matt

Water-based stain-blocker



Elite Ultra Matt

Water-based coating for mineral tiles


Elite Blackout

Blackout coating for metal surfaces



Cost Calculator

Work out the cost of your job

All prices exclude delivery and VAT.
Delivery to mainland England - Pallet or mixed pallet delivery: Approx £65.00
Individual container delivery: £12.00 per item up to six items, then pallet rates apply. A pallet can hold 33 tubs.
(Sealcote delivery: £12.00 per two 5-litre tubs)
Mainland prices quoted. Delivery to Ireland, Scotland & elsewhere, ask for price when ordering.
Coverage rates are average and depend on type and condition of substrate and skill of applicator.